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Christian Radio Hosts: Gays Commit Half The Murders In Large Cities

The hosts of a controversial Christian radio show that often touches on the subject of homosexuality have become the latest anti-gay propagandists to repeat a shockingly inaccurate claim about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Speaking during the Aug. 24 episode of Minnesota-based radio show “The Sons of Liberty,” co-hosts Bradlee Dean and Jake McMillan both […]

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Anti-Gay Distortions

THE EDITOR, Sir: In a letter to the editor on August 24, 2013, S. Richards insinuated that the LGBT agenda was anti-free speech and thus called on Jamaicans to rise up. Richards cited several occurrences in which the victim’s freedom of speech was purportedly violated in an attempt to bring the message home. However, Richards’ […]

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Gay Reporter James Kirchick Kicked Off Russian News Network For Protesting Anti-Gay Laws

A gay reporter was kicked off a Russian television news broadcast Wednesday after he vocally protested the country’s anti-gay laws during the middle of a segment. James Kirchick, a journalist and foreign correspondent who has written for The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Ha’aretz, was invited as a guest on Russia’s RT network to […]

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