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THE GLEANER Lesbians Targeted By Men Who Want To ‘Straighten Them Out’

Nadine Wilson-Harris Staff Reporter A recent study has shown that 47 per cent of lesbian and bisexual women in Jamaica have faced threats of sexual violence, actual sexual violence and/or sexual harassment by men, with the intention, in some cases, to “straighten them out”. The study, which was carried out by local human-rights advocacy group […]

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THE HUFFINGTON POST Planting Peace Travels With Grace Phelps To Document Jamaican LGBT Homeless Youth

QUEER VOICES In an unlikely turn of events for the Westboro Baptist Church, a former member — and daughter of the infamous Shirley Phelps — just made a massive statement of solidarity with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Grace Phelps traveled with Planting Peace President Aaron Jackson to Jamaica earlier this year to […]

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