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Queens filmmaker Selena Blake confronts Jamaican homophobia head-on in ‘Taboo Yardies’

Blake’s documentary tells harrowing tales of violence against homosexuals on the Caribbean island It took Queens filmmaker Selena Blake four years to complete ‘Taboo Yardies’, a documentary about homophobia on the island of Jamaica. Read more: It took four years, cost her friends and family and almost the roof over her head, but Queens […]

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Church opposes gay stigma on HIV/AIDS advocacy

Byron Buckley, Contributor REPRESENTATIVES OF UNAIDS are faced with the dilemma of how to enlist the support of local faith-based organisations (FBOs) in the HIV/AIDS prevention campaign without violating the institutions’ doctrinal principles. A major stumbling block, which was identified in a recent consultation between church leaders and UNAIDS officials, is the traditional association of […]

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